Simonton Bridge Daylily Farm

Joann Stewart
2300 Simonton Bridge Road, Watkinsville, GA, 30677-2167
Phone: 706-424-1079  --  Email:
Simonton Bridge Daylily Farm

Visitors welcome during the bloom season. Please call ahead to make sure the garden is open. USDA Zone 7
(Foothills of the Appalachian Mountains: winter temps in mid to low-teens, summer temps in low 100s)

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Introductions Spring 2020
For Lorie
For Lorie (Stewart, '20)
5 branches, 35 buds, 5.5" l., 46" Sc., Late, red bitone, yellow throat and rib. $75 Dbl. Fan.
Oconee's Last Man
Oconee's Last Man (Stewart, '20)
3 branches, 21 buds, 7" Fl., 50" Sc., Late, lilac-pink tepals with lighter midribs, maroon eye, lighter tepal edgres, large greent throat. $75 Dbl. Fan.
Pisa with Brian
Pisa with Brian (Stewart, '20)
3 branches, 16 buds, 5" Fl., 50" Sc., L., cream rouged paprika, very pointed petals, green throat. $75 Dbl. Fan.
Red Neck Juice
Red Neck Juice (Stewart, '19)
4 branches, 25 buds, 4.8" Fl., 36" Sc., L., orange, darker veins and chev band, gold thr, yellow raised ribs. $75 Dbl. Fan.
Snow Castles
Snow Castles (Stewart, '20)
3 branches, 19 buds, 6.3" Fl., 36 Sc., ML, near white UF cascade, ruffled petals, green throat.
$75 Dbl. Fan.
St. Vincent Street
St. Vincent Street (Stewart, '20)
3 branches, 24 buds, 7" Fl., 39 Sc., M, rose pink, maroon band-eye, yellow green throat. $75 Dbl. Fan.
Yellow Profusion
Yellow Profusion (Stewart, '20)
3 branches, 15 buds., 5" Fl., 41" Sc., M., pale yellow self, small green throat.
$75 Dbl. Fan.

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